Author: Janice Cooper

Arthur Hunter Palmer, Queensland pastoralist

  On 22 June 1863, Arthur Hunter Palmer [i] applied for licences on twelve runs in the Belyando River basin; nine of which were leased to form the core of his consolidated holding called Beaufort. Following dry years, he forfeited six of the runs in 1869, to re-lease most of them in more favourable seasons, generally at a lower rental rate. Although none of the original runs were licensed as Beaufort, Arthur Palmer used this distinctive… Read more >

Early burials in the Jericho Cemetery

Jack Lynch is likely to have been the first person buried in the Jericho Cemetery in November 1884. His burial site is not marked, also the case for many other early burials.   The earliest marked grave is that of Michael Nowland who died on 9 April 1886.[1] The simple headstone on the fenced grave is inscribed (inaccurately dated): ‘Sacred to the memory of Michael Nowland died April 29 1886 aged 56.’     At… Read more >

Tragedies during railway line construction

The burials, in 1884, of Christina Schneider at 48 years old and her granddaughter, Agnes Christina Robinson at 2 months typify the story of the Pine Hill Cemetery during its time as a terminus for the central western railway line.   Having already been determined by surveyors as the next terminus of the railway line as it was constructed westwards; Pine Hill was described as low and flat with miserable stunted trees and water resembling… Read more >

Seasonal workers among those honoured

One hundred years after World War I, it is proving difficult to identify some of the service personnel named on local Honour Boards.   Shearers and shedhands working for mobile shearing companies dressed up and came to town to organise weekend sports for the town children. The teams operated in areas where individual shearing sheds had not yet been built on the smaller sheep stations. As this team shore on a number of stations around… Read more >