Agricultural selections

Land around small railway towns of Alpha, Jericho and the railway sidings of Drummond and Pine Hill was resumed in the late 1880s and 1890s as part of the Queensland colonial government policy to encourage agricultural production. All 2560 acres (1036 hectares) resumed near Jericho were selected, and of the 3760.5 acres (1522 hectares) made available near the two sidings, two-thirds of the 2550.5 acres (1020 hectares) were selected.

The largest area opened for the selection of small agricultural blocks occurred along the Alpha and Native Companion Creeks where 39,040 acres (15,799 hectares) were made available for small selections. Only 12,598 acres (5098.25 hectares) were selected before 1909.

While a few of the selectors cultivated small areas to grow corn, potatoes, citrus fruit and grapes, most of the selected land was used for grazing horses or cattle. By 1914 only 5 acres (2 hectares) was being used for agriculture – the lack of water and accessible markets became apparent.

Notes on database:

This database shows only the first holder of each small block selected, the total area held and the date they applied for the licence.


Applicants generally included their occupation on the forms used to apply for a selection.


The selections in the Alpha Parish were resumed from Alpha Station; those in Jericho Parish from Burgoyne Station. The selections resumed from Beaufort station surrounding Pine Hill and Drummond sidings were located in Ashinhurst and Chantrey Parishes.

 Application date

These selections were taken up between November 1889 to October 1908, before and after the severe drought years at the turn of the century.


Information about the agricultural selections has been collected from the Queensland Government Gazette, The Gazettes to 1900 are accessible at Text Queensland. Some details of the majority of the selections in the period before they were purchased as free hold are available in the Series ID 14050 (Dead Farm Files) at Queensland State Archives,

NameOccupation on selectionParishPortion/sTotal area: acres/hectaresApplication date
Baker, GeorgeLengthsmenChantrey24v160/64.75 05 Feb 1897
Baker, GeorgeLengthsmenChantrey28v160/64.75 27 Apr 1897 
Benson William JAlpha2v160/64.75 03 Aug 1892
Bland, RosaTeacherAlpha1v160/64.7530 Aug 1892
Bland, RosaSelectorAlpha61v76.5/30.7522 Jan 1906
Broad, GeorgeFencerJericho7v, 8v, 9v480/194.2521 May 1901
Clews, RichardGrazierAlpha55v64/26 12 Aug 1901 
Dean, Samuel JRailway labourerAshinhurst44v160/64.75 18 Dec 1900
Degney, JohnAlpha48v320/129.528 Jul 1899 
Degney, WilliamLengthsmanAlpha16v160/64.75 18 Oct 1893
Devine, ThomasCarrierAlpha20v160/64.75 20 Dec 1893 
Doherty, FrancisHotel licenseeJericho3v320/129.5 04 Nov 1889
Doherty, FrancisHotel licenseeJericho1v, 2v320/129.530 Oct 1890 
Dohring, AugustCarrierAlpha13v160/64.75 06 Apr 1893 
Dohring, AugustSelectorAlpha59v320/129.529 Mar 1904 
Dohring, AugustSelectorAlpha63v126.5/5128 Aug 1906 
Dohring, CharlesCarrierAlpha14v160/64.75 06 Apr 1893 
Dohring, CharlesSelectorAlpha51v320/129.529 Mar 1904
Dohring, Mary JAlpha64v204/82.5 03 Sep 1906 
Dohring, WilliamCarrierAlpha15v160/64.75 06 Apr 1893
Furber, CharlesHotel licenseeJericho27v640/259 17 Aug 1891
Glazier, LouisGangerAlpha26v160/64.75 13 Feb 1897 
Hansen, HansAlpha53v320/129.517 Dec 1900 
Hansen, William DavidCarrierJericho4v, 5v, 6v480/194.25 20 Mar 1901 
Harris, EdwardShearerAlpha40v160/64.75 12 Jan 1897
Hickson, Charles RHotel licenseeAlpha11v636.75/257.7502 Mar 1893 
Hickson, SamuelAlpha57v144/58.25 07 Oct 1901 
Jansen, FelixAlpha17v160/64.75 18 Oct 1893
Jansen, Thomas JAlpha18v160/64.75 18 Oct 1893 
Jaques, Leonard WStorekeeperJericho13v, 14v, 15v, 16v610/246.75 29 Aug 1895
Jones, JeffrayRailway guardAlpha24v160/64.75 20 Mar 1895 
Jones, JeffraySelectorAlpha62v156.75/63.520 Mar 1895 
Jones, Richard JAlpha68320/129.523 Sep 1908
Kelly, Henry JLabourerAshinhurst41 v330.5/121.506 Feb 1901
Lewis, AlfredAlpha5v160/64.75 01 Jul 1893 
Linnington, JosephGangerChantrey25v160/64.75 05 Feb 1897
Linnington, JosephGangerChantrey29v320/129.513 Jul 1897
Lyons, William JAgentAlpha19v160/64.75 20 Dec 1893 
MacKinnon, DavisButcherJericho12v310/125.529 Apr 1899 
Maddison, Lewis MGrazierChantrey23v300/121.5 02 Feb 1897 
Mallett, Thomas NSelectorAlpha6v160/64.75 23 Aug 1892
Markwell, Richard JHorse trainerAlpha41v319.75/129.516 Aug 1898
Markwell, Richard JSelectorAlpha50v497.75/201.514 Sep 1900
McCarthy, Mary JSpinsterAshinhurst46v 160/64.75 18 Dec 1900
McDonnell, DuncanSelectorJericho10v271/109.5 05 Oct 1908 
Mills, Charles I BAgentJericho17v228/92.25 16 Mar 1891 
Ohl, Detlef FGangerAlpha10v160/64.75 16 Feb 1893
Ohl, Nicholas JAlpha42v320/129.521 Feb 1899 
O’Sullivan, Dennis RAlpha67318/128.75 16 Aug 1907 
O’Sullivan, FaughCarrierAlpha49v320/129.519 Feb 1900 
O’Sullivan, Kevin DAlpha66v320/129.525 Jul 1907 
Patterson, Alice MSpinsterAlpha54v319/129 04 Oct 1901 
Patterson, ClaraSpinsterAlpha43v320/129.522 Dec 1899 
Patterson, Edward USaw millerAlpha8v640/259 05 Aug 1892 
Patterson, Edward USaw millerAlpha23v, 25v200/81 03 Sep 1894 
Patterson, Eliza HWifeAlpha7v400/161.75 31 Aug 1892
Patterson, Ethel GSpinsterAlpha44v320/129.522 Dec 1897 
Patterson, Eveline ESpinsterAlpha45v320/129.512 Apr 1900 
Presland, EdwardButcherAlpha6985/34.523 Sep 1908
Read, Marshall BLabourerJericho11v144/58.2507 Jun 1901
Rhodes, LydiaHotel licenseeAlpha4v160/64.75 15 Jun 1892 
Rhodes, Thomas WAlpha3v160/64.75 04 Jul 1892
Robins, CharlesCarrierAlpha12v160/64.75 01 Feb 1893
Robins, CharlesSelectorAlpha6590/36.5 31 Oct 1907
Ruddolph, JohannisAlpha9v160/64.75 04 Jun 1893
Thompson, WilliamAlpha21v160/64.75 12 Jan 1894
Thorley, Edward JScalperAshinhurst42v160/64.75 18 Dec 1900
Thorn, DavidGangerAlpha22v160/64.75 10 Mar 1894 
Thorn, FrankAlpha47v320/129.521 Jun 1899 
Thorn, WilliamAlpha46v320/129.514 Jun 1899
Wehmeier, Henry SLengthsmenAshinhurst45v160/64.75 24 Jul 1901 
Whitwell, Edwin FEngine driverChantrey31v160/64.75 17 Aug 1897 
Whitwell, Mary ASpinsterChantrey30v160/64.75 17 Aug 1897 
Wilson, AnnieAlpha58v640/259 02 Oct 1901 
Wright, George RLengthsmanAshinhurst43v160/64.75 09 Nov 1906