War service

Service in World War I – the Alpha-Jericho connection

Listing of names

About 230 names of men and women seeking enlistment for active service in World War I have been linked with Alpha, Jericho, Pine Hill and surrounding pastoral stations. This list includes those who were named on any of three Honour Boards, whose address on enlistment lay within the area or whose family lived there. It also includes people born there, some of whom were born along the railway line as it was being was constructed.

Alpha Honour Board 2

Alpha Honour Board [A2]


Some enlistees were itinerant, seasonal or semi-permanent workers from distant places – many were born in other eastern Australian states, a number were born in the British Isles, a few in New Zealand and individuals elsewhere.

The list provides basic identifying facts and the major online link to further detail is already available online.