Terminus period, Jericho 1885-1886

Jericho was a vibrant community during the period it served as terminus for the railway line during  its construction west from the coastal town of Rockhampton. The terminus was opened on 8 June 1885. It moved from there to Alice Siding, then to the next terminus, Barcaldine on 4 November 1886. While many residents intended to move on, the buildings to accommodate the railway, bank, hotels, stores, agencies as well as a church, were erected there. About half of the residents lived in tents but houses were also moved from the previous terminus.

Jericho petitioners 1886


At this time, petitions were the common means used by people to make the authorities aware of their needs and demands. Jericho residents signed petitions to seek police protection, to establish a school and in support of a local businessman, William Real.